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Premiere of a new chemical safety course

Earlier this month a premiere took place at IWAKI Nordic A/S in Hillerod, Denmark, where production, service and sales employees participated in a new course ”First Aid in case of Chemical Exposure”.


This extended course for the chemical industry is developed by Soren Pilemann from Cardiocare together with IWAKI’s technical manager Hans-Peder Jensen. Main focus was the “Top 10 chemicals” in the industry. On the agenda was:

  • Chemicals and risks
  • Safety datasheets / work environment
  • Personal protection
  • Health injuries
  • Acute injuries
  • Long-term effects
  • Fire / spillage / waste
  • Tips

An important step in the effort to fully live up to IWAKIs Mission Statement which clearly and unambiguously explains IWAKI's objectives:

IWAKI helps you handling your aggressive, flammable and toxic fluids in a safe and responsible manner.
To protect the environment and in particular to protect you and your surroundings.