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My internship at IWAKI Pumps, Japan, Part 2

Efficient and hard-working, Written by Victor Huusmann
During my internship, I had the opportunity to work in all departments of the company, from marketing and sales at the office to assembly line work at the factory.

The working days during my internship was characterized by many diverse activities, why two days never felt the same! Besides my daily work in the office and the factory, I attended two fairs, and visited a lot of customers and suppliers.
IWAKI JP banner

The department in the factory I spent most time at, was “Quality Assurance and Control department”.

Quality assurance and control is an integrated part of the work processes in IWAKI, and quality assurance is utilized at many levels and departments. IWAKI perform a thorough inspection of all purchased items and spare parts as well as they perform supplier audits, to ensure compliance with IWAKI’s standards.

Finally yet importantly, complete products are subject to trial run and a last inspection to guarantee IWAKI’s well-known quality. In this connection, I had the opportunity to perform trial runs of “MXM” and “Hi-Cera” pumps.

IWAKI office At the head office in Tokyo, I got a good insight into IWAKI's work with sales and marketing, and my Japanese colleagues were incredibly helpful when I needed a little assistance.

IWAKI Co. LTD. supplies many pumps for the food industry, and in this connection I had the opportunity to visit two of Japans largest breweries (they make in addition some very good beers).

A company insight – The corporate culture

The company culture in IWAKI Pumps in Japan is hierarchical, and I quickly noticed that my colleagues have and exhibit a deep respect and loyalty towards their superiors and the company. They might appear a bit humble, but at the same time they are also extremely efficient. Each employee has a clear role and responsibility and is never in doubt.
During my stay my Japanese colleagues seemed hardworking and diligent.

Hardworking in the sense that workweeks normally exceeded 45 hours, and diligent in the sense that employees would rather double-check products and processes, than facing the risk of product faults and deficiencies.

I bet, this is one of the reasons to IWAKI pump’s good quality and high reliability!
IWAKI Saitama factory
Image shows some of the loyal IWAKI
employees at the Saitama factory.

Victor signature in Japanese

The blog post was written by Victor Huusmann, who did an internship at IWAKI Co. LTD. in Tokyo from September to December 2015. Victor works part time at IWAKI Nordic meanwhile studying a master’s degree in communication at Copenhagen Business School.