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At IWAKI have our own service center and many years of experience in handling our products. We can therefore carry out all repairs on your IWAKI pump rapidly and correctly. We are also ready to help if you require any specific part or component for your pump. We keep all wetted parts for our process pumps in stock as well as the entire dosing pump program.

By calling us, you will always receive a proper repair with use of original parts anywhere in the pump. Our service staff works rapidly and efficient so we can give you competitive rates both on labor and parts.

In addition, our workshops also implement minor modifications, such as trimming the impeller to a specific point of operation, assembly of IWAKI units and test-drive the pumps. 


Repair and Service

You can deliver your pump personally or send it directly to our service center in Hillerød, Denmark. If you choose the second option, please remember to fill out the safety certificate and contact us before you send the pump. Our address is listed below.