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SYSTEMS - overview

IWAKI Nordic can help you find the best solution for your application, whether it regards a simple pumping station, small storage tanks or complete integrated process plant for cleaning, mixing, transporting, storing or dispensing of aggressive and chemical liquids.

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Circular and Rectangular Tanks
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Systems - tanke, beholdere og tavler

We assist in designing both smaller containers with connected pump, cabinets with metering pumps as well as large tank systems. See pdf-brochure (in Danish).

Dosing Units

IWAKI Nordic offers smaller integrated solutions for storage and dispensing of chemical and corrosive liquids. A dosing unit consists of a dosing pump optionally with flowmeter, mixer and container. In addition, a pump can be used for filling / draining the container itself.

IWAKI offers a large standard program of polyethylene dosing units. These dosing units are safe solutions at reasonable prices. In addition, we also have the opportunity to tailor more or less special solutions.

See IWAKI standard dosing units from 25-1000 liter
See examples of customized solutions:


Dosing Panels

A panel consists of one or more dosing pumps, associated piping with valves and optionally flowmeter. The entire system is delivered together on a wall mounted panel.

IWAKI specializes in customized dosing panels. The panels are used in connection with addition of polymers to wastewater, dosing in cip plants in the food industry and water quality control in swimming pools.

Our panel solutions are designed to withstand the most severe operating conditions, such as temperature and liquid type.

See example of customized solution:


Dosing Cabinets

IWAKI dosing cabinets makes handling of chemicals more safe and is amongst other used in connection with water treatment plants. Compared to dosing panels the cabinets are sealed solutions.

The IWAKI Nordic standard dosing cabinets are in black PE and can be delivered with transparent doors (with or with out lock). This ensures full visibility and free access for inspection and maintenance. The cabinets can be delivered with several optional components such as: pulsation dampener, pressure gauge, level switch, safety valve, vacuum pump, calibration meter and filters.

We also offer customized solutions for the more specialized tasks.

See the 24 standard dosing cabinets
See example of customized solution:


Pump Stations

IWAKI manufactures professional pumping stations for handling aggressive, flammable and toxic fluids. Our solutions helps acceiving a safe work place by handling the aggressive fluids in a safe and responsible manner.

Setting up and working with IWAKI's pump stations is safe, simple and straightforward. We have many exciting solutions - see a few great examples here:


Circular and Rectangular Tanks

Cirkulære og rektangulære kunststoftanke (plasttanke)In close cooperation with Weber Kunststofftechnik GmbH, one of Europe's largest manufacturers in its area, IWAKI delivers plastic tanks and devices for storing chemicals and handling aggressive media.

The circular and rectangular tanks for aggressive medias are a.o. used in chemical industry, surface treatment, water treatment, etc. We also offer plastic tanks for the pharmaceutical and food industries..

Depending on the details such as size, temperature and type of media the tanks are produced in composite and thermoplastic material.

See the Weber catalogue featuring standard products from Weber Kunststofftechnik.

See examples of customized solutions:


Collection and Storage Systems for Chemicals

IWAKI Nordic A/S offers a wide range of collection systems and other products that make handling of chemicals safer for both staff and surroundings.
The range covers collection trays (mobile and with/and without lid), area protection, heating mats etc. for containers, drums, IBC etc.

The products are made of PE (polyethylene). PE is chosen for the UV resistance of the material as well as a combination of chemical resistance, strength and flexibility with respect to materials such as polypropylene (PP), fiberglass and stainless steel.